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“C# Starter” course is a unique video course for beginners which will allow you to start learning programming language C# without special preparation. All you need to successfully master this course is basic skills of working with a personal computer. You can learn modern programming language at home with the help of our video tutorials and educational materials with clear and understandable instructions from experienced trainers. After completing our video tutorials, you will not only get the basic skills, but also be able to continue to evolve as a .NET developer. Eventually you can develop a variety of applications, ranging from desktop applications to highly professional corporate websites and software products. If your goal is to be a professional programmer - this course is your first step.

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  • Курс создан:   26.01.2014
  • Длительность:   13 ч 41 м
  • Обновлен:   22.12.2020
  • Уроков:   9

ВИДЕОУРОК №1. Introduction to C# language

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In this “C# starter” video tutorial course you will be introduced to the history of C# language and .NET platform. You will learn the tools that will be used throughout the course. This lesson will give you an understanding of what programming is, what types of programs can be created using C#. You will learn about current technologies and features of Microsoft .NET platform. In this lesson you will create your first application "Hello world", which is written by all programmers when they start learning a new programming language. Also you will learn how to create simple window applications with a user interface and find out what compilation and debugging are.
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