Save the date! Synergy. IT Business & IT Education: 10th-anniversary edition already in December!
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    Выбери свою IT специальность


      IT is a dynamic industry that changes and develops very rapidly. Today, more than 360,000 talented professionals work in the Ukrainian IT sector. We are called the "Digital Tiger" of Europe. Every year, Ukrainian universities train more than 50,000 new IT and engineering specialists.

      Let's look into the future together:

      • What awaits IT education in Ukraine?
      • What strategies does the Ukrainian educational business use?
      • What technologies, EdTech startups and market trends are already fundamentally changing it?

      On December 11-12, 2023, we invite you to the largest annual event in the field of IT education in Ukraine, which is celebrating its 10th-anniversary this year — Synergy. IT Business & IT Education: 10th anniversary edition, where we will discuss the strategy and trends of IT education in Ukraine. This event will bring together IT business and public sector leaders, EdTech startups, representatives of corporate, private, public education, IT education experts and headliners.

      Mainstream Synergy. IT Business & IT Education — the relentless dynamics of the EdTech market of Ukraine, which is scaling, changing, mastering the latest technologies, introducing AI into education, developing talents and no longer having borders.

      This year the event will last two days:

      • The first day of the conference will be held in both online and offline formats, featuring 4 expert discussions on current IT education topics, 5 case studies from the best market experts and almost 12 hours of non-stop networking.
      • The second day of the conference will be exclusively online, offering 6 incredibly interesting workshops from partners on interesting practical topics.


      December 11, Monday (full day, see the program for more details)

      December 12, Tuesday (thematic workshops online every 30 minutes, from 13:00 to 16:00, see the program for details)


      The offline event will be in Kyiv. Details, including the venue or a live broadcast link, will be sent via email for security reasons.


      Participation in Synergy. IT Business & IT Education for the first time comes with a donation to support Ukraine!

      Participation in the first day of the conference = donation.

      100% of the collected funds will be directed to the purchase of 100 cars for defenders as part of the "Hardened Hundred" project, implemented by the "Hardened Hearts" NGO together with the EPAM IT company.

      Participation in the second day of the conference is free but registration is required.

      To take part

      Go to the website, choose a convenient format for participation and register. Make sure you register for both the first day and separately for your favorite workshops on the second day. Registration for each workshop must be done separately.

      Important: we add workshops to the program gradually, so stay tuned not to miss the ones you want.

      The event is organised by the IT Ukraine Association with the support of The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.


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      Библиотека современных IT знаний в удобном формате

      Выбирай свой вариант подписки в зависимости от задач, стоящих перед тобой. Но если нужно пройти полное обучение с нуля до уровня специалиста, то лучше выбирать Базовый или Премиум. А для того чтобы изучить 2-3 новые технологии, или повторить знания, готовясь к собеседованию, подойдет Пакет Стартовый.

      • Все видеокурсы на 3 месяца
      • Тестирование по 10 курсам
      • Проверка 5 домашних заданий
      • Консультация с тренером 30 мин
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      • Все видеокурсы на 9 месяцев
      • Тестирование по 16 курсам
      • Проверка 10 домашних заданий
      • Консультация с тренером 60 мин
      • Профессиональные ключи на софт от JetBrains
      67.00 $
      134.00 $
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      • Все видеокурсы на 1 год
      • Тестирование по 24 курсам
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      • Консультация с тренером 120 мин
      169.99 $
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